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logo of Safe-pcb


Safe-PCB, manufacturer of reliable and reactive printed circuits for prototypes and series with short lead times.

logo of Wurth


World leader in the distribution of fastening materials, Wurth is a family business that turns its actions to the future

logo of Multi-cb


Multi Circuit Boards is one of the leading European suppliers of low-cost high-tech PCB / multilayer boards with up to 48 layers, delivery in 5 working days.

logo of PCB-Prototype


Specialized in the production of printed circuits, PCB-Prototype is able to quickly supply a prototype and low volume boards. To take advantage of our services and expertise, simply place your order online

logo of Beta-Layout


Beta Layout offers a complete service for the production of your PCBs with high industrial quality and maximum reliability.

logo of Euro-circuits


At Eurocircuits, manufacturers and assemblers specialized in the prototyping of small series of PCBs undertake to provide a reliable electronic service

logo of ACB


ACB is one of the leading European manufacturers of printed circuits, specializing in small and medium series for multilayer technologies

logo of Cimulec


Cimulec is qualified for all your aeronotic, military and space projects, from prototype to series. The group is a partner of the main European equipment manufacturers for adapted and innovative technological solutions

logo of Cirly


CIRLY is the benchmark for the rapid production of prototype printed circuits and small series. A competent team, an advanced industrial tool, a well-identified product / service offer: CIRLY is at your side for the success of your electronic projects.

logo of Zebra PCB

Zebra PCB

Zebra PCB is a sole supplier of printed and assembled circuit boards. They bring your design ideas to life in one step.

logo of Elvia PCB

Elvia PCB

The Elvia PCB group is the leading French manufacturer of printed circuits and the fifth at European level. The group has some of the most sophisticated industrial tools in Europe.

logo of Artemis cad

Artemis cad

With 30 years of experience in the digital field, Artemis is a subcontractor specializing in the routing of electronic cards.

logo of Synergie CAD

Synergie CAD

Synergie CAD offers complete turnkey solutions with worldwide assistance as a manufacturer of equipment and reliability testing services for your project, from R&D to production and beyond.

logo of techci Rhône Alpes

techci Rhône Alpes

With a perfect mastery of the manufacturing processes and recognized know-how, TECHCI is today a major player in the industry, aeronautics, military and embedded sectors.

logo of Formatronic


FORMATRONIC is specialized in the production of printed circuits for more than 25 years, the company is able to realize your printed circuits in fast time according to standards IPC-A600.

logo of European Circuit LTD

European Circuit LTD

European Circuits is one of the few companies in the United Kingdom that can truly provide the design, manufacture and assembly of electronic cards from a single location.

logo of 5pcb.de GmbH

5pcb.de GmbH

5pcb.de offers you printed circuit boards and assemblies at the highest level. Through our reliable partners in Asia and Europe and the many years of experience of our PCB industry staff, we can deliver the best quality at an affordable price.

logo of Andus Electronic Gmbh

Andus Electronic Gmbh

ANDUS is a technology-oriented family business and manufactures excellent prototypes and small-scale series for sophisticated industrial projects as well as science and research.

logo of Atotech Deutschland GmbH

Atotech Deutschland GmbH

We want to build on our leading position as a surface-finishing solutions provider and become one of the world’s most respected specialty chemicals companies.

logo of Kubatronik Leiterplatten GmbH

Kubatronik Leiterplatten GmbH

Recent german PCB assembly company

logo of Schweizer Electronic

Schweizer Electronic

We are a global best-in-class technology company.Our products preserve resources for the future of our children.We are a leading manufacturer of premium PCBs and a recognised manufacturer of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and services.

logo of TX Cube

TX Cube

We have electronic and mechanical engineering team with high expertise and experience for handling your complete project design.



Cirex France, European division of LAO-TAY Group, manufacturer of printed circuits, was created by a group of experienced people to provide quality products and punctual deliveries at competitive prices.

logo of Faraz Circuit Company

Faraz Circuit Company

it goes with out saying that This company, with more than 20 years experience, is one of the first P.C.B. producers in Iran, which is grateful to use the highest technology, modern equipment and expert persons to produce all kind of PCBs such as single side, double side , P.T.H. Multilayer,...



ICAPE Group offers the best services for an optimal quote for your printed circuits and technical parts.

logo of Pcb Electronics

Pcb Electronics

Pcb-electronics offers a complete and innovative offer which allows you to produce all your cards, from your test prototype, to your marketing series, always at the best price.

logo of SOS Electronic Engineering

SOS Electronic Engineering

We are a transnational distributor of electronic components for industrial production. We specialize in verified world brands with design-in emphasis. Thus, we are with you already during the design and development of the devices.



System Plus Consulting utilizes an engineering approach to cost. Cost models and technology expertise are combined to provide customers with an accurate and objective estimation of manufacturing costs and selling prices.

logo of B&B Sachsenelektronik GmbH

B&B Sachsenelektronik GmbH

Since its founding in Heiligenhaus in 1996, the B&B group has stood for the best quality and service in printed circuit board production. Our production site in Mittweida offers you everything under one roof - advice and ordering, production, certified quality assurance and logistics.

logo of Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH

Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH

Prototype and small volume production - single-sided and double-sided PCBs multilayer PCBs up to 20 layers. We offer you express service and guarantee top quality and meet virtually 100% of the deadlines we are set



Beratronic GmbH is a service provider within the electronic branch with a focus on printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing service, design, and development.

logo of China Circuit Technology (Europe)

China Circuit Technology (Europe)

CCTC Europe is a 100% subsidiary of the Chinese CCTC in Shantou and was founded on November 26th, 1999. Our company advises all European and potential customers. Extensive technological advice down to the last detail of all circuit board technologies is offered on site.

logo of CML


CML has met the demanding quality standards of supply chains in the automotive industry since 2001. Today, the biggest brands in the world rely on our expertise and technical knowledge.

logo of Contag Ag

Contag Ag

We are different to the others! But not just somehow different, but different in the sense of better, more reliable, quicker. That is our goal, which we pursue every day in our work. And because we ask such a lot of ourselves, you can also expect quite a bit from us.

logo of E & K Leiterplatten

E & K Leiterplatten

E&K Leiterplatten relies on experience, research and constant technical innovations. In addition to technique, the knowledge of our highly qualified and highly motivated staff is a distinctive sign of quality. We used the CMS technique with photosensitive savings varnishes

logo of EES European Electronics Systems

EES European Electronics Systems

With more than 100 years collective experience the EES group consists of two German manufacturers well-established in the PCB-market. Together we as EES cover the complete product portfolio of PCBs, each plant bringing in its strengths and experience.

logo of Elekonta Marek

Elekonta Marek

There is nothing, that cannot be improved further – this also applies to the production of high-tech circuit boards. That’s why we at Elekonta as development partners work on improving our range of services for the electronic industry permanently for over three decades.

logo of Englert Elektronik

Englert Elektronik

Englert elektronik GmbH is your service provider for the production of electronic and mechatronic components. After 70 years of company history and more than 30 years of experience in development, electronics and mechanical production, we offer you a comprehensive range of services. We implement your ideas.

logo of Enzmann


We deliver high quality PCBs for all industries and sophisticated applications such as automotive, Industrial, medical, as well as aerospace.

logo of EPC ELREHA


Rich in its know-how, EPC ELREHA places its high-tech factories at your disposal which offer a wide range of products. All requests can be answered thanks to qualified engineers who accompany you throughout the order process

logo of ETS


Providing the highest quality technical building services is the core focus of ETS GmbH.

logo of Fischer printed circuit board

Fischer printed circuit board

For half a century, we have been supplying customers from all over Europe with printed circuit boards - the basis of your ideas. Constant quality, reliability and constant pace with the latest technology are the things that our customers appreciate about us.



As an independent, owner-managed company based in Bischoffen in central Hesse, we produce high-quality printed circuit boards with high functional reliability.

logo of Heidenhain Microprint

Heidenhain Microprint

Over 60 years of experience in the production of printed circuit boards and a constant focus on the industrial customer segment allow us to meet the high logistical, qualitative and technological requirements of our customers.

logo of Hofmann Leiterplatten

Hofmann Leiterplatten

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and associated know-how, our areas of expertise have gone from the production of pure printed circuits to the development of electronic components, to the assembly of printed circuits, to the assembly of modules. and the manufacture of mechanical electronic components and welding aids.

logo of HOTOPRINT Elektronik

HOTOPRINT Elektronik

For 46 years now, Hotoprint’s products are known for its outstanding quality and value. We are a family-owned company and manufacture exclusively in Germany.

logo of ILFA


High-Tech-PCBs of ILFA – We connect your innovations. The owner and founder operated company ILFA has developed and manufactured PCB´s for over 40 years. With the team of experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering and technique the company develops fine and microfine conductor technology.

logo of I-R-P Computer & Prüftechnik

I-R-P Computer & Prüftechnik

I-R-P Computer & Prüftechnik Vertriebs-GmbH is a growing company in the field of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) focused on Bare circuit board production and Material purchasing for electronic components

logo of Jenaer Leiterplatten

Jenaer Leiterplatten

We have been manufacturing your printed circuits on the high-tech site of Iéna for more than 25 years. A flat hierarchy and short information channels guarantee us flexible responsiveness when processing your orders and meeting delivery deadlines.

logo of Jks Leiterplatten

Jks Leiterplatten

Your individual needs for samples and mass-production or your replacement requirements in due consideration of fastest deliverytimes - that is our profession.

logo of KAWA


Since many years we have been trading in used equipment for the PCB industry which we purchase individually or in package deals. We have also taken over complete PCB plants or large parts of them. The experience gained through dismantling of this equipment, packing, loading and setting it up again, including water tests for wet process lines, we now offer as a service to interested customers.

logo of KSG Leiterplatten

KSG Leiterplatten

The KSG Group develops and manufactures PCBs for the international market exclusively in Europe. KSG produces pioneering technologies from samples up to large series.

logo of LeitOn GmbH

LeitOn GmbH

LeitOn is a high-tech PCB-manufacturer based in Berlin, Germany. On top of that we possess a network of different high quality international PCB manufacturers so that we can also supply mass production printed circuits.

logo of Lüberg Elektronik

Lüberg Elektronik

Over the 40 years which has seen the printed-circuit board develop at a tremendous pace, we as a specialist in the field have been part of that development and helped shape it. Our highly valued expertise has helped us to achieve our position as one of the leading manufacturers of printed-circuit boards.

logo of Meco Elektronik

Meco Elektronik

You can only successfully survive for decades with quality and reliability. Our constant objective is therefore to produce high quality products in the long term and to react flexibly to the needs of our customers.

logo of Mektec Europe

Mektec Europe

Mektec Europe GmbH is a subsidiary company of Nippon Mektron, the world‘s leading manufacturer of flexible printed circuits with production locations worldwide.

logo of META Leiterplatten

META Leiterplatten

Founded in 2000. Our strategy has been perfect service and uncompromising quality standards from the very start. We have succeeded with this approach, as our steady growth shows.

logo of MicroCirtec


Our PCB`s are exclusively manufactured in Germany – this is our conviction. It is our philosophy as a serving company to offer our customers a perfect triangle of quality, competitive pricing and shortest possible delivery time.

logo of MOS Electronic

MOS Electronic

MOS Electronic can draw on almost three decades of experience in the manufacture of printed circuits. Thanks to the cooperation with our network partners in the Far East, we are able to offer all types of printed circuit boards in any quantity.

logo of P. & M. Services

P. & M. Services

P&M Services (Rochdale) Limited, or P&M as we are more commonly named, was founded back in 1964 by Husband and wife team Peter and Margaret Unwin. It was later registered to it's present name in 1965.

logo of CEBISA France


We specialize in the purchase and resale of printed circuits and electronic products, specific electronic components and the analysis and wiring of electronic cards in Europe.

logo of Cipsa Circuits

Cipsa Circuits

In CIPSA Group’s main business is the production of printed circuit boards, manufactured according to the specifications and requirements of our customers. CIPSA produces the whole range of printed circuit, from prototype to mass production.

logo of CIRLAN s.l.


Since 2009 Cirlan has offered a wide range of printed circuits, both single-sided, double-sided without metallization as well as circuits for LED technology based on Aluminum. Strategically, we are a benchmark in the market for printed circuit board manufacturers

logo of CISA, Circuitos Impresos SA

CISA, Circuitos Impresos SA

At CISA, our highly qualified staff are fully dedicated to ensuring your project is a complete success. Since 1965, we have been successfully producing solutions to new demands and overcoming the challenges that arise due to the constant evolution of our sector.

logo of ELATE, SA


Given the experience of its technical team, it is possible to respond to a wide range of products, from double-sided circuits to complex multilayer circuits.

logo of Elco Pcb

Elco Pcb

Elco PCB is able to satisfy a large variety of market requests: from prototype to mass production, from single side up to 40 layers boards.

logo of Eurocir


Eurocir supplies the global market through its manufacture facilities in Europe and Asia. We have technical, commercial and logistic structures located in the countries where our strategic customers are established and there where the market demands a daily in situ follow up and support.

logo of FAST PCB, SL


We have two independent production lines: one dedicated to the manufacture of medium / large single-sided series and the other dedicated to the manufacture of multilayer and double-sided circuits.

logo of GCE


We are a leading company in the market thanks to our experience, striving for the continuous improvement of our production processes and our commitment to latest-generation technologies but, above all, because we believe in what we do and how we do it, with client satisfaction always at the forefront.

logo of Inelmatic Electronics

Inelmatic Electronics

Inelmatic Electronics is a leading provider of electronic devices and electronics contract manufacturing services to consumer, automotive, medical, military and other high tech industries.

logo of Lab Circuits

Lab Circuits

Since the beginnings of Lab Circuits, quality has always been one of the fundamental pillars of the company. Our company has obtained recognition on the international market and has now become a benchmark at national and European level.

logo of Novatek Circuitos Impresos

Novatek Circuitos Impresos

We are a family business with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing printed circuit boards for the industrial sector. We specialize in manufacturing prototypes, pre-series and series with urgent deadlines.

logo of Printed Circuits Paredes

Printed Circuits Paredes

Circuitos Impresos Paredes is a new set up Company run by high skilled professionals with extended experience in Printed Circuit Board manufacturing process.

logo of Tecci Circuitos Impresos

Tecci Circuitos Impresos

The quality and reliability of their products make TECCI a company that stands out from the current market. With more than 30 years of experience TECCI is now a pillar of electronic card manufacturing.

logo of ZUBELZU S.L.


Offering our customers a high level of quality and service that meets their requirements is our main asset that has allowed us to be renowned and respected in the market.

logo of Alba Eletronica

Alba Eletronica

The high level of technical competence and the ample offer of PCB services make it an ideal partner able to take care of the customer in all of his long- or short-term needs.

logo of OMR ITALIA


Don't settle for a conventional printed circuit supplier: by choosing OMR you decide to get all the advantages of a solid international technology partner, both professional and reliable.

logo of CSM Circuiti

CSM Circuiti

Downstream of our production process, countless technologies are advancing on a daily basis, and in view of the phenomenal pace of progress, CSM is organised in such a way as to meet the most extreme requirements of designers and OEMs that design, manufacture and assemble PCBs.

logo of Cistelaier SpA

Cistelaier SpA

Continue developing capabilities, services and know-how to guarantee with our own plants in Europe a one stop shop package of services and PCBs for all kind of technologies, from double sided PCBs to rigid and rigid-flex PCBs of high and very-high technology level, both, for serial production and for fast turnaround prototipations.

logo of TVR srl

TVR srl

TVR is leader in the production of samples ad medium volume of PCBs with a focus on product's quality and respect of delivery time.

logo of Piciesse Elettronica

Piciesse Elettronica

Piciesse's mission is to provide its customers with tailor-made, competitive and cutting-edge solutions, with guaranteed maximum quality, performance and punctuality in deliveries.

logo of TEKNIT


TEKNIT, with its production of professional and multilayer PCB, in eighteen years'time has consolidated its presence in the national in fields such as:Telecommunications, information, technology or military



Emz is the only ARTISAN company in the printed circuit sector entirely and exclusively made up of women.

logo of DM-R - by Ruffo Donato

DM-R - by Ruffo Donato

We are manufacturers of single sided, double sided, thermal coated and flexible PCBs. We also create stencils for the assembly of smd components.

logo of EFFEI


Since 1971 we manufacture printed circuit boards, from time to time by adapting to the market needs. We can provide both prototype and mass production, with the customer choosing the best economic solution, qualitative and temporal.

logo of Elemaster


Elemaster wants to be a leader in the supply of design and manufacturing services for its Customers, with whom it is engaged in long-term relationships respecting every requirement established by contracts, by laws and regulations.

logo of Eltos SpA

Eltos SpA

ELTOS S.p.A. manufactures and supplies printed circuit boards for original equipment manufacturer customers and their electronic manufacturing service providers. Its principal products include multi-layer rigid printed circuit boards, which are the platforms used to interconnect microprocessors, integrated circuits, and other components for the operation of electronic products and systems.

logo of Esseti Circuiti Stampati Srl

Esseti Circuiti Stampati Srl

In 1979 in Bologna , thanks to the passion for electronics and innovation , two friends laid the foundations for what would become a great company : Esseti Srl , which for over 35 years has been producing and processing printed circuit boards and today can assure quality , availability , competitiveness , production flexibility and technical support

logo of DVC sa

DVC sa

DVC relies on its multidisciplinary team and puts at your disposal a set of skills which allow it to respond in a personalized manner to your needs. These skills are constantly enriched to follow the evolution of the market and technologies in order to rely on the most appropriate solutions to develop your application.

logo of Elprinta NV

Elprinta NV

As a dynamic company Elprinta has been a leader in the production of pcbs since 1980. Thanks to the quality, the reliability and support we are trusted by customers worldwide in a variety of sectors.

logo of Eurotronics


Besides highly reliable standard technology and multilayer boards, Eurotronics offers a broad range of highly integrated (HDI) Printed Circuit Board techniques with blind and buried via's. Our manufacturing capabilities include copper or resin filled micro via's as well as surface finishes that are suitable for wire bonding.